Friday, February 5, 2010



Friday, October 16, 2009

this is the first and last new verse to the song 'where is the love',
andre has written the middle verse and is not here lol

it just aint the same we always in pain
everybody dieing in wars with no laws
u gotta no yourself before u no someone else
let the truth set u free
is it too hard to see
that these times are changing and a new dawn is breaking
the new age is ageing and anew page we're facing
need to welcome society and include morality
help all minority
is it too much to ask the times moving fast
these cowardly attacks making me sick at heart
if our commitment be drifting
then its time for rebuilding

we need to keep our sanity intact for all humanity
this aint a natural scene
or a place for human beings
our lives are injustly
scattered across the landscape
so what, do we call this fate
so we can exploit our hate and rearrange a face
our interception of interaction
and location of association
combined and destroyed in affiliation
with the jews and the japs and the crazy colts
and the crips and the bloods and the kkk
then again do you see what im tryin to say
to put our differences aside for the good of today

written by mark fairweather aka decietfulpossum lol

Friday, September 18, 2009

u see these fine times gotta hold on me
just cant break free, but just wait an see
we gonna make it to da top, aint gonna stop
give it all dat we got, cos we gonna shine
like a star in da sky, we gonna get u so high wen we release the vibe
an it aint no lie, ride till we die
cos dis beats so fly make a mutha wanna cry
cos we da finest, dat these streets hav eva seen
an we gonna keep on grindin, its a way of life
if u live by da knife, u gonna die by da knife
so we live 4 da music, gonna die 4 da music
an dats our word so ya betta not abuse it

a verse from mark an andres demo named 'MELBOURNES FINEST'
was uuuuuppppp!!!!!!! da possum is in da crib ... in affiliation wit hip-hop oriented.........REPRESENT! WAT